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AvarTalk is fast and easy to use text to speech avatar...
Connect fully with your audience with a avatar spokesperson.
AvarTalk has a low learning curve...
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Make your live presentations more appealing and interactive to your audience. Create a script for your presentation in a few easy steps. If you are not good at public speaking AvarTalk will do the work for you.
Easy to use interface. Great for live presentations Supercharge your presentations with AvarTalk...just sit back and let AvarTalk do the work for you...
Text to speech avatar that is easy for beginners to use...just type in your text...and you will have your speech done in minutes... press play and the 3D text to speech avatar will read out your text. AvarTalk is unique avatar text to speech presentation software. AvarTalk is a nifty tool where you have several speeches to make. AvarTalk includes a text to speech avatar. AvarTalk is Fast and Easy to Use.
Try AvarTalk FREE version. AvarTalk is for creating speeches, lectures and sales pitches. Requirements

AvarTalk Versions.
Standard Version - Unlimited text length. LE Version - Text limited to 100 Characters FREE Version - Text limited to 20 Characters