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AvarPoint-Version Checker
Impress your audience
AvarPoint has a low learning curve...
Easy to use interface. Great for live presentations
Your audience gets to see a slick presentation...you know it works so you can be confident the presentation will go without a hitch.
Move the avatar viewport to increase the visual impact of your presentation.
AvarPoint reads out your presentations for you. Lip syncing with fluid motion gives a realistic rendering of text to speech.
No need to rehearse presentations as you know the avatar will work for you...time after time.
Sit back...relax and let AvarPoint do the work for you!
AvarPoint is the great companion for PowerPoint users...
Use on your laptop on the go.
Change your speech on the fly.
Move a slide at a time or automatically.
Spice up your PowerPoint presentations with a 3D avatar reading out your speech.
AvarPoint has a low learning curve. Easy to use interface. Just type or paste in your text then load in your slides and press play...that’s it! If public speaking is not your thing...let AvarPoint do the talking for you...the 3D avatar speaks your text alongside your PowerPoint slides.
Download FREE version. AvarPoint - Supercharge your PowerPoint presentations. Requirements

Buy AvarPoint from the online store for $99
Requires PowerPoint 2003 or higher. PowerPoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft. Standard Version - Unlimited text length. LE Version - Text limited to 100 Characters FREE Version - Text limited to 20 Characters